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What would you do to get attention? #erotic #romance #giveaway #preorder @kirutaye

What would you do to get a reaction out of someone you were interested in but who didn't seem to notice you? Would you go as far as trying to make him/her jealous by dating other men/women? Would you flout other affairs in their presence?

That's the situation the female lead in my upcoming book, Worthy, faces. Tessa is attracted to Peter from the first moment they meet. And from their interactions, it's obevious he is attracted to her. But he won't take it any further because of her job.

So she is driven by a mix of frustration and lust to do something about it, which leads to this scene I'm sharing from the book. It's an unedited version. I hope you enjoy it.


The moment she arrived, the hairs on his neck stood erect even as his gaze riveted to the long-limbed girl who sashayed into the venue behind another.  The whoosh, whoosh sound of blood in his ears drowned the music. His breath trapped in his lungs.
She’d come back here.
Even as he became aware of the strong and rapid beat of his heart, his chest burned.
She’d come back here in search of men. To sell her body to whomever would pay for minutes, hours or nights with her.
His fingertips dug into the leather on the arm of the padded chair. His body tensed and he gritted his teeth as anger lanced through him.
Remembering last weekend and the way they’d moved on the dance floor, he’d wished to see her again. Yet another part of him, the sensible part of him, had wanted her not to be here.
If nothing else it would curb his action. If she wasn’t here he would have to go back to the hotel suite alone, wouldn’t he? Now, he wouldn’t leave this venue without her, one way or the other.
His grip on the chair tightened again and the muscles around his eyes bunched as heat flushed his face. Leaning forward he grabbed the glass and lifted it to his lips, swallowing down the cool lemonade. He’d chosen the soft drink although most people around him drank alcoholic beverages. But he needed a clear head tonight. He needed to be in control.
Now, he couldn’t be certain he’d made the right choice. If he was going to sit here and watch Tessa all night he’d need something stronger to dull the emotions she roused within him.
He put the glass down on the table and walked to the glass balustrade so he could get a better view as the two girls walked over to the seating area. They found available seats and settled on them.  Tessa’s friend, Anuli—he assumed her to be the same one from last Friday—sashayed towards the bar.
Peter used the opportunity to observe Tessa.
Sitting, her short black dress rode up, exposing chocolate thighs and clinging to every dip and swell of her body. The black platform heels she wore made her legs stretch for miles. With the dark smoky eyes and deep red lipstick and the length of wavy hair reaching her hip completed the vampy look.
She certainly knew had to dress for maximum effect. Every man in the vicinity stared at her.
Burning sensation spread across his chest and his stomach hardened as his muscles tightened.
A man approached Tessa. She smiled up at him and invited him to take a seat beside her when she waved her hand to the chair. Soon they were laughing and chatting when the other girl joined them.
After a while Tessa and the man moved to the dance floor. They started off at a sensible distance but before long the man pulled her close and she was swinging her hips and bumping her butt against his groin to the rhythm of the music.
Her eyes were closed and Peter wondered what she was picturing. Was she remembering the way they’d danced? A week ago he’d been the one holding her, his crotch nestled against her cushiony bum.
His cock pulsed to life. Was he really going to stand here and watch her seduce another man in the lead up to having sex with the man?
Before he could decide, Tessa opened her eyes and looked up in his direction.
Her eyes widened as their gazes met and he could swear she gasped. She stopped moving. The man behind her leaned forward and whispered in her ear. She said something to the man but she didn’t break eye contact with Peter.
Peter knew he was a sporting an intense sullen expression but he couldn't help it. The woman drove him nuts.
She stood there staring at him for a few seconds with shock on her face. Was she pleased to see him? He couldn't tell. He expected her to move away from the man holding onto her waist.
Instead she started moving again, while still maintaining her stare on Peter. She was winding her hips, rubbing up against the man.
Peter knew exactly what she was doing. She was taunting him. It was written all over her expression. That expression dared him to do his worst.

Copyright 2016 Kiru Taye

Title: Worthy
Author: Kiru Taye
Series: Challenge #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Release Date: September 12, 2016.
Cover design: Love Bites and Silk
ISBN: 9781311447197


Some secrets bind you...
Tessa Obum and her best friend, Anuli, are linked by a dark secret that could destroy them if it ever comes to light. Men are just the means to an end and society shuns women like her. But she's determined to live on her terms and own her future. Until an encounter with the intense Peter has her questioning her choices.
Some challenges can break you...
Peter Oranye has never had a challenge he couldn't conquer. Except the death that claimed the only woman he loved. He's been unable to get close to another woman since and his life is focused on growing his business empire. Until Tessa, a sexy bombshell of a woman tumbles into him one night and he's ready to break his abstinence streak.
Getting involved with a woman who won’t let go of her BFF is wrought with dangers, especially when someone else wants to destroy them. When their secrets come to light, will any of them be worthy of the love they crave?

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The Challenge Series

Three friends. Three challenges. Are they willing to risk everything for love? Have you met Michael, Paul and Peter—three men who gambled everything and got more than they bargained for. Love.

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"Ms Taye never disappoints. Her work is always so well crafted. The characters, the drama, the romance, it all blends into one perfect story."
"The entire series draws you in quickly."
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"Desperately waiting for Book 3."

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